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Color changing, foaming or engraving

The laser marking is carried out by intensive interaction of the laser light with the plastic. The high input of energy leads to carbonization of the polymer, to foam or to local removal of the plastic (engraving). The color change depends on the plastic material, its color and the laser intensity.
A further possibility is a controlled color change by special pigment additives.
A day & night marking of plastic components can be achieved by selective removal of paint layers by laser ablation until the translucent plastic material become visible.
Metals can be marked by annealing (color change by oxide formation) or by local removal (engraving).

High flexibility through individual texts, logos, barcodes, shapes, etc.

Suitable for large and small areas and for places with difficult access

Very good reproducibility and high quality of the marking

Finest line widths and markings realized

No pre- and post-treatment necessary, contactless procedure

High contrast and abrasion-resistant markings

Intact surfaces by color change

Day & Night laser marking of plastic parts possible

High marking speed

Large variety of materials can be marked (plastics, paintwork, stainless steel, aluminum, copper)

Environmental friendly and solvent-free