Repairs, contour changes, joint welding – Laser welding established itself at KTR as the highest quality, fastest and most cost-effective process, with minimal pre-processing and post-processing. With our years of experience, our staff and the new ultra-modern laser welding equipment , we can perform fast and reliable repairs for wear and tear, individual shape modifications to workpieces and removal of cracks.
The mobile device can also be used directly on the injection-moulding machines to perform welding work on site, without costly disarming and rearming, such as for large moulds.
The workpiece and laser are positioned precisely using a microscope. Thanks to the swivelling microscope and fibre laser, it is also possible to process vertical surfaces, narrow geometries or hard-to-reach places without turning or tilting the workpiece.
Different welding wires are used according to the type of welding task and the material. The pulsed Nd:YAG laser focuses its energy precisely on a welding point with a diameter of between 1.5 to 0.4 mm, which minimises the heat input to the adjacent areas. Complex contours can also be precision-welded semi-automatically.
This cleaning process prevents tension in materials due to structural changes and enables high-strength welds without cracking.


Steel, including high-alloy and tempered