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Bespoke solutions are our speciality: whether high performance plastics, special moulds or processes – our company is your strong partner for reliable plastic technology in numerous sectors.

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Plastic components
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As plastic technology experts, we understand the requirements and needs of our customers: high quality plastic components, durable and long-lasting parts for petrol station technology, aeronautical components with continuous batch traceability, medical parts with the highest cleanliness and more – and for fair prices and reliable services. As a plastic injection moulding company with strong service, we will find a solution for your needs.

Our goal is long-term cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we do not only offer excellent products and results in high performance plastics, but also proactive service that goes above and beyond. Our processes are as efficient as possible to achieve quick production and delivery times. We can often advise customers how to save on costs and time in the design phase, thanks to our expert knowledge. You can depend on our expertise and years of experience.

The advantages of working with KTR at a glance:

  • All services from mould production through to assembly
  • High performance plastics? No problem!
  • Persistent problem solvers for complex product needs
  • State-of-the-art machinery with partially AI-based control

An overview of KTR services

Whatever your demand – our workshop will find an answer for you. We go over and above standard injection moulding:

2C injection moulding

Precise production of multi-component parts for a variety of material combinations.

Injection moulding in the cleanroom

Production of plastic components in controlled cleanroom conditions.

Injection moulding tools

Comprehensive mould management for prototypes, pilot production and mass production.


Extensive range of services beyond the injection moulding process.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. That is why we have individual consultation, support and manufacturing “made in Germany”: since our founding, we have been committed to Germany as a production location – this is the only way we can guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.

Your project can benefit from our expertise and commitment from our employees. Contact us to discuss your project with experts – you are in good hands!

The injection moulding workshop at KTR

From standard to high performance

these are the plastics we work with

Engineering plastics

PA, PC, POM and ABS are plastics with improved mechanical properties and increased temperature resistance which can be used for complex applications.

High temperature plastics

For demanding applications with the highest requirements of temperature resistance, plastics such as PEEK, PPS or PEI are used.

Special plastics

Polymers containing fluorine such as PTFE and PVDF combine excellent chemical and high temperature resistance, while TPU is a thermoplastic alternative for rubber.

Bioplastics and recyclates

Sustainable solutions are gaining importance. We offer bioplastics from sustainable resources as well as recyclates from recycled plastics.

Fibres and additives

From strengthening fibres to flame retardant chemicals for fire safety – the required material properties are achieved using fibres and additives.

Standard plastics

Plastics such as PE, PP, PVC and PS are used widely thanks to their wide range of properties and affordable cost.

We have many types of plastic available – speak to one of our experts about your individual requirements.


Machinery at KTR – plastic injection moulding technology by experts

  • KTR has state-of-the-art plastic moulding machines from Engel and Arburg.
  • Thanks to multi-axial robots and handling machines, our production is carried out largely automatically.
  • We can produce parts with an injection weight of 0.1g to 2,000g thanks to our machinery with clamp force from 100 to 6500kN.
  • Production and packaging of medical technology articles in cleanroom class 8 conditions are possible with our machines with special fittings and laminar flow cabins.
  • We can produce components with an injection weight from 150g + 50g in the 2C injection moulding process.
  • Ultrasound welding and laser engraving with state-of-the-art facilities are daily business for us.


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