Cleanroom injection moulding –
plastic parts for the highest requirements

We have been a partner to medical technology since our founding and we understand the special quality requirements of this industry. KTR offers injection moulding and packaging under cleanroom conditions!

Precision injection moulding in KTR’s cleanroom:

perfection for sensitive industries

Whether medical technology and pharmaceuticals, the food industry, or electronics: in sensitive industries where precision and purity are crucial, injection moulding in the cleanroom has established itself as an indispensable process. Using monitored cleanroom technology and strict controls, contamination of the injection-moulded parts by dust and other foreign particles is avoided as far as possible. Extraction is done by a robot in the laminar flow cabin, so we can also carry out the packaging of the plastic parts in the cleanroom. This ensures outstanding product quality, increased process reliability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

KTR is your long-standing and proven contact for injection moulding solutions at the highest level - with our injection moulding in the cleanroom, we provide you with customised and reliable solutions for your applications.

Advantages of injection moulding in KTR’s cleanroom:

  • Minimisation of dust and other contaminants
  • Continuous control and documentation of particle concentration
  • Automatic machine monitoring of parameters such as part weight for increased process reliability
  • Secure compliance with legal requirements

Expertise and experience: KTR is your expert
for injection moulding in the cleanroom and more

With more than 50 years of experience, we have not only acquired considerable expert knowledge, but also the expertise to meet very individual customer requirements with customised solutions. For example, we are the strong partner for high-quality products for ophthalmic as well as cranial surgery, which must be pure and without foreign bodies.

Strong tool management is part of our service: We plan, procure, and maintain your tools. You can also rely on our expertise when it comes to selecting the appropriate operating equipment that is compatible with cleanroom production.


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