2C injection moulding: precision and versatility in one process

With 2-component injection moulding, we can efficiently combine the advantages of different materials, for example haptics and mechanical stability by combining a soft component with a hard one - and tailor it to your individual requirements!

The advantages of multi-component injection moulding for innovative plastic solutions

Instead of gluing or welding two plastic components made of different materials, they are injected directly onto each other in 2C injection moulding. This not only saves assembly costs, but also time. The combination of different materials in a single step also enables the realisation of parts with different colours, hardness or even functionalities. The hard component can be e.g. ABS, PC, PBT or PA, while the soft component can be e.g. TPU or another TPE. Typical applications are soft handles or seals that are integrated into hard plastic parts. Without any additional assembly steps required, this process thus offers a high degree of design freedom, efficiency and cost savings. 

KTR can develop customised solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements and ensure an optimum fit, thanks to years of expertise in multi-component injection moulding.

Advantages of 2C injection moulding:

  • Wide range of combination options
  • Improved functions & product properties
  • Time saving due to elimination of assembly or joining
  • Sustainable cost optimisation
  • High design flexibility


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