Injection moulds:
mould management by experts

We plan, procure, service and repair your moulds. We know what we are talking about – we have experience with more than 3,000 successful projects.

The right injection moulding tools
from prototype to mass production

Designing the mould for injection moulding is an important decision when producing plastic components: in series production, precision and durability are important to meet the requirements of mass productions. In the possible prototype phase, more simple injection moulding tools are used to validate the design and carry out functionality tests.

KTR are experts ready to find the right tools for your individual project requirements. In the design phase, we can then guarantee that the optimal dimensioning of your plastic components will mean saving on costs and time.

Your one-stop shop for great service:

  • Bespoke consultation and support
  • Experienced toolmakers and engineers as project managers
  • Project planning with milestones and reliable structure
  • Transparent communication
  • Modern simulation software
  • Reliable network of national and international partners

KTR mould management

a solution for every need


Through careful analyses, we plan the best possible injection mould in close consultation with you.

Design validation

With the aid of a 3D filling simulation, we can check the design layout of a mould to eliminate weak points. We can do this for most types of plastic.


We take care of the procurement of moulds – we have a large partner network of national and international suppliers.

Mould life cycle

We document and track all mould information to ensure availability and longevity.

Maintenance and repairs

We carry out ongoing maintenance and minor repairs in our own workshop promptly and according to schedule. For each mould a detailed documentation is kept.


We currently maintain more than 2,000 moulds for our customers which have been created since 1969.

We can help you develop the right moulds for your project – our experts will be happy to provide you with individual advice at any time!


Frequently asked questions about injection moulds
– answered by KTR

What are injection moulds?

Injection moulds are specially designed moulds in plastics technology. They are used to form molten polymers into a specific shape. After the material has cooled and hardened, the raw plastic part is finished.

What materials are injection moulds made of?

As a standard, injection moulds are made of hardened tool steel. Thanks to the wide range of steel grades, we can determine the right material for every requirement. Steel tools are particularly durable and resistant to wear. In exceptional cases, aluminium is also a suitable material, as it is cheaper and lighter – this may be the case, for example, when manufacturing prototype moulds.

How long does it take to produce an injection mould?

The production of an injection mould can take between a few weeks and several months, depending on the complexity of the mould, material used and size of the project. The manufacturing time can also be influenced by factors such as the quality of the mould design and experience of the manufacturer.

What are the main factors that influence the quality of an injection mould? 

The quality of an injection mould depends on several factors, including:

  • the accuracy and quality of the tool design
  • the chosen steel for the tool
  • the manufacturing precision and surface finish of the tool

Does KTR produce injection moulds?

Since 2020, we no longer have our own mould making department. This means we are flexible in our choice of suppliers and can find the most suitable toolmaker for your requirements. Whether high-precision series tools or prototype tools when time is of the essence: we have the right partner and procure the right tool for you.


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